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Grapes Sonaka Seedless

Grapes Sonaka Seedless

₹86  ₹95  | 500gms
₹80 for members
Grapes Sharad

Grapes Sharad

₹96  ₹105  | 500gms
₹90 for members


₹32  ₹38  | ~800-1.2kg (1Pcs)
₹28 for members
Green Mini Basket

Green Mini Basket

₹70  ₹85  | 1Pcs
₹62 for members
TOP Offer

TOP Offer

₹79  ₹85  | 1Pcs
₹72 for members
Daily Essential Combo

Daily Essential Combo

₹48  ₹50  | 1Pcs
₹44 for members
Kinoo Orange

Kinoo Orange

₹84  ₹90  | ~950-1.1kg
₹76 for members
Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd

₹32  ₹35  | ~800-1.2kg (1Pcs)
₹29 for members

Best Snacks at your desk

Best Snacks

Explore Our Season's Best Baskets

Explore Our
Season's Best Baskets

Dry Fruit Basket

Dry Fruit Basket

₹505  ₹535
₹470 for members
Fruit Basket - Medium

Fruit Basket - Medium

₹326  ₹358
₹300 for members
Office Snacks Basket

Office Snacks Basket

₹50  ₹53
₹50 for members
Fruit Basket - Small

Fruit Basket - Small

₹214  ₹230
₹200 for members

How Subscription Works

How Subscription

Create your own

Our weekly baskets are created with the best seasonal fresh fruits and veggies. You can also create your own fresh fruits & veggies basket to suit your weekly needs.

Customize to your needs

You can customize the basket contents anytime before the 48 hours from scheduled delivery. You can do unlimited modifications to suit your needs.

Easy Payment options

Terraa provides easy payment options like Wallet,Online & Pay-As-You-Go. Easy to make micro payments post customization.

We deliver to your home

We do home delivery & you wake up to the surprise of fresh fruits and veggies for the day. On travel,its easy to reschedule your future baskets.

How One Time Checkout Works

How One Time Checkout Works

Create your own

We understand sometimes you are not just ready for the subscriptions and want to order single baskets at your own convenience

Choose one time

Special prices are automatically applied even during one-time checkout as long as you have single active subscription.Else you can still enjoy our slashed Terraa price for one time borders

Min. basket value is

We do free delivery for baskets worth ₹150. But we also understand sometimes you need micro snacks, so we do deliver with minimal charges.

Same day

We do same day or future day delivery as per your preferences. We operate on 3 convenient slots such as 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm & 5pm-9pm.

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Our Promises

Freshness Guaranteed

Terraa grades hand picked fruits & veggies and guarantees delivery within 24 hours of harvest

No Stock Outs

Our strong technology platform ensures that you always get what you have ordered - No Stock Outs

No price alterations

FnV prices vary daily - until now! We promise no price alterations after you have placed an order

Terraa’s fruits & vegetables are mostly from the local farms and fields, thus providing the assurance of only high quality and healthy products to our customers. In order to ensure this promise, we work with many small families, farmer communities, growers and all times aggregators to get produce that are harvested on the same day of delivery.